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GEAR - The Lastest Setup!



Gibson Custom Shop CS-336:  This is #1

Franken-Tele:  This guitar has a maple neck, pine body, high end hardware, with a Lindy Fralin Pure PAF and a matched Lindy Fralin hum-cancelling p90.

Martin DC-16GTE:  Well aged acoustic guitar with spruce top and mahogany sides/back.

Cordoba Fusion 14 RS:  Nylon string guitar with a neck that is narrower than a standard classical guitar (great for us steel string players) - spruce top and rosewood body.

Washburn Festival Series:  Setup for acoustic slide plus electronics upgrade. The thicker wood provides excellent resonance for slide guitar.

Guitar Amps

Fender - Blues Boutique: Once upon a time in a land far far away, this was a Fender Blues Jr. Now, it is a beast of its own, with modified circuits (by HEAT) and 6V6 power tubes, loaded with a WGS ET65 speaker.  TAD 6V6 tubes, Tung-Sol 12ax7 tubes in pre-amp 1, Mullard 12ax7 tubes in pre-amp 2 and the inverter (pre-amp 3).

HEAT Boutique 50 Head:  This custom point-to-point hand-wired amp was based on a Marshall JCM800 2203.  The grounding circuit and some of the pre-amp components were modified for less noise and more gain.  Mullard EL34 tubes, Tung-Sol 12ax7 pre-amp tubes.

2x12 Speaker Cab: The speaker cab is an open back cabinent with an old Celestion Vintage 30 coupled with an Warehouse Guitar Speaker HM75.

Marshall DSL 40C: This hot little combo has a modified ultra-gain section for a little less ultra-gain. JJ KT66 power tubes, EH 12ay7 in ultra-gain pre-amp stage, with Mullard 12ax7 in all other pre-amp slots.

Effects Board


BBE Soul Vibe
Catalinbread Belle Epoch Echo
Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog

Ibanez TS9

Ibanez TS808
FX Engineering Mirage Compressor

Hughes & Ketner Rotosphere

Snark SN-10 Tuner (it will tune to "A 432")

Radial Big Shot ABY

Wild Falcon Records

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