Jimmy Haggard

Toes In The Mud

Jimmy Haggard - Toes In The Mud

Lilac Lounge
Hillsborough NC

Boom Boom Boom

                                  Boom Boom Boom video

Volume 11
Raleigh NC

Hoochie Coochie Man

Hoochie Coochie Man

Durham Arts Council
Durham NC

Warm Me Up

Warm Me Up
Deep South - The Bar
Raleigh NC

Waitin' For The Bullfrog

Jimmy Haggard - Waitin For The Bullfrog

The Blue Note Grill
Durham NC

Syneca Foster

Syneca Foster - Drums - Jimmy Haggard Band

Jimmy Haggard
Vocals - Guitar
Jimmy Haggard - Vocal/Guitar - Jimmy Haggard Band

Rodney Winley

Rodney Winley - Bass - Jimmy Haggard Band
Jimmy Haggard - Bull Durham Blues Festival - Durham NC 2013   
Jimmy Haggard, Rodney Winley, Syneca Foster, Sheldon Pugh

Here is a photo with our friends (Lisa Lofchie - guest on Harmonica) and Nick Vasiliou. 
Nick was the first drummer in the Jimmy Haggard Band. You can hear Nick on the album "Live At The Aviator."
Left to Right
(Lisa Lofchie, Nick Vasiliou, Jimmy Haggard, Rodney Winley


Private Halloween Party
Long Beach CA

Bonedaddy's Hideaway
Raleigh NC

Songwriters Showcase
Los Angeles CA

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