Jimmy Haggard

Review by:  Louis J. Casson aka "Lowdown Louis"

Blues lyrics and Poet  - http://louisjcasson.blogspot.com

Review date: August 24, 2010

I took the time to do a quick review of Jimmy's MP3 tracks. There's never less than a high standard of workmanship, most of it the usual straight ahead blues - and nothing wrong there folks!

For me the tracks to note and watch are where Jimmy's influences, roots and playing click into a blend that takes the Blues beyond the norms & conventions.

Mojo Hand.

I can only describe this as relaxed with a Bayou "Swamp" vibe.

We kick off this one with a killer riff at 0:06 - I wanted to hear it again but it didn't come up! (You really are a "Bad Boy" Jimmy) Also some really nice wah echo guitar work at 1:20, 1:50 to note. Maybe the live version should set this right - not enough of the guitar stuff!

Jimmy's vocals at 0:10 reminded me of Lucinda Williams a little in the delivery.

Blue Sky.

Fairly straight ahead lyrics but these act as a nice foil to some sparky lead playing; if you like some crunchy cookies with your cream here it is!

I don't know who the bass player is, from a pic on Jimmy's website I assume he's also doubling on bass for this track. Overall there's a nice old Gibson EBO sound here - think Jack Bruce of Cream tone. Some good bass riffs avoiding cliches too. Builds nicely to the end.

It's Not Personal.

Picture a good slice of Dr. John on vocals, Phil Manzanera on guitar, more than a touch of funky reggae rhythm influence and we get.. this track.

Overall Jimmy's work shines best when he's minded to surprise you by taking the blues a little further. Not just "two toes in the mud", but wading out into the river.



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